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When Kat Creech, a wedding planner in Houston, Texas, saw a rapidly strengthening hurricane approaching her state, she and a couple whose Labor Day wedding she was planning decided to postpone. At Kat’s suggestion, that couple instead invited their wedding party, family, and friends to join together and volunteer to support those affected by the flood. Inspired, Kat kept going. She started a Facebook group to help connect and coordinate with fellow residents who wanted to volunteer. That became Recovery Houston, hundreds of volunteers strong. They helped clear more than 120 homes in a single week. Asked what she hopes others will learn from her story, Kat said, “You can move mountains and really make a difference in someone’s life.”

-Barack Obama

What's our purpose?

Recovery Houston Foundation builds relationships between volunteers, tradespeople, corporations and not for profit organizations to offer recovery assistance to homeowners impacted by natural disasters in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

2018 is the Year of the Rebuild


We need it all: your time, your donations, your hands, and most of all your hearts.

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